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* Are you seeking for a reliable Company to design and install an effective state of the arts stand-alone electric station and who will eventually manage your energy needs?

* Are you planning to use an inverter/solar system in future and need professionals to design and wire your building ahead? 

* Do you  have a need to Automate a process at your farm, industry, home etc?

* Are you seeking for professionals who would design and prototype a custom electronics for you and subsequently mass produce?

* Are you an inverter or voltage stabilizers dealer and desire a large quantity production branded in your company name?

* Do you seek to grow your knowledge in electronics or renewable energy?

* Do you need supplies/ installation of any Solar system product?

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Power Electronics Manufacturing

 We are manufacturers of power electronics  gadgets/equipment such as Inverters, Industrials  and home Automatic Voltage Regulators, UPS, Solar charge controllers,Automated Change over and control systems and Customized Electronics. Our Products come with long term warranties. They, however, vary with products.

Solar Electric Station Design and installation 

 We design and Install Various Capacities of Solar and Wind Turbine Electric stations. Our Standalone Stations vary from 800VA -100KVA. Design and Install Minigrid solar/WInd Turbine Electric stations of any capacity. Single phase and 3 phase systems. 


Zitronix has also developed high technological solutions for solar electricity generation stations. Most of Zitronix solar generation stations are hybrid too in other words the batteries can be charged by both electricity and solar at the same time without damages. Zitronix Solar generation stations have been suited too to be affordable by the average man who wishes to acquire one for the comfort of his family and for small and medium scale businesses.

Industrial & Home Automation systems, Professional Wiring designs and Implementation (Inverter Connection Ready) 

  Our Industrial and Automation sytems are tailor fitted to suite our Clients/Customers' demands. They start from customer requests. After which the Tech support team gets a detailed description from the Client. After series of simulations to ensure an error free project, our engineers finally commence and commission a perfectly working project for the satisfied client. We work within the agreed timeline. We also do designs and wire buildings especially for clients anticipating to install an inverter or solar stations in the future. It saves them the cost and time of another wiring process just to install inverter/solar stations


We conduct Various Trainings for Students and Proffessionals. Our Trainings cut across Electronics & and Renewable Energy. Some of our regular Courses include:

1. Design and Development of Industrial electronics, Basic Practical Automation and Control systems

2. Design and Development of commercial power Electronics

3. Design and Development of Commercial Electronics with Digital and Embedded systems

4. Development of USB Devices

5. Solar station designs, Development and Installation 


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