It is a Low Battery consumption technology Inverter which uses fewer batteries for longer hours. Contains internal Voltage stabilizers and intelligent charging system that ensures the batteries are properly charged within a specific time and enhances longer battery life span.
It's Intelligent and User friendly. Interesting though is it's real time Digital voltage display that gives users clue on runtime and energy management. It's 
automatic change over system saves users the inconvenience of walking over to the change over switch each time the National grid restores light or when there's blackout..Pim! And it switches to Inverter or national grid. 


Electrical Characsteristics:

1. Micro-controller based

2. Digital display

3. Spike and Transient voltage protection

4. Surge Protection,
5. Internal Automatic Voltage Regulator

6. Automatic Overload Protection

7. Automatic Temperature Control

8. Turbo cooling system

9. User friendly

10. Rugged

11. No humming

12. PWM application

13. Automatic switch over to inverter or charging mode (while supplying voltage output)

14. 12 Volts system

15. Maximum AC Charging Current - 5Amps

16. Voltage: 12Volts

1.5kva Inverter

SKU: Zel_1500/2020