Zitronix  1KVA Hybrid Solar Station is more suitable for low energy consumers. Suitable for residential apartments, students, barbers, small tailoring shops, boutiques, stores, etc. Its a complete Solar station with a 680Watts Solar Panel and 1Battery Unit (200Amp/Hr).

Thi Solar Station Runs 24hours (Guaranteed).

It uses a Low Battery consumption technology Inverter which uses fewer batteries for longer hours. The 1KVA Hybrid Inverter Contains internal Solar Charge Controller. It's Hybrid- because of it's ability to charge battery from the National Electricity Grid/Generator and Sun.

It's Intelligent and User friendly. Interesting though is it's real time Digital voltage Monitor that gives users clue on run time and energy management. 

It's automatic change over system saves users the inconvenience of walking over to the change over switch each time the National grid restores light or when there's blackout.. swiftly it switches to Inverter or national grid. 


 Go smart! No subscription, No fuel, No Charges. 

1KVA Solar Station