Industrial Electronics Gadgets Design




8 Weeks

About the Course

This course is aimed at acquainting students with theoretical, pratical and professional design and construction techniques for the deveopment and assembly of Custom Industrial automation Gadgets.

To be Covered:

i. DC and AC electric circuits basics

ii. Mechanical drive system-basics

iii. Pneumatics fundamentals

iv. Rotating electrical machines

v. Electrical motor control 1&2

vi. Electro pneumatics

vii. Introduction to troubleshooting of PLCs

viii. Hydraulics

ix. Basic robotics

x. Electronics circuits, Digital and Embedded Electronics

The Course/Program shall be culminated in a project session where Trainees are expected to design and implement commercially viable projects by themselves by applying all the knowledge acquired during the training through the professional guide and grooming of the Instructors.

Your Instructor

Zitronix Certified R&D Engineers