Commercial Power Electronics Development


N100, 000


8 Weeks

About the Course

At the End of the 2 Months Intensive training students/Participants shall be able to Design and evelope some basic commercially viable power electronics devices. To be covered:

i. Power semiconductor devices

ii. Power converters

iii. Inverters

iv. Modern rectifiers and resonant converters

v. Transducers & signal conditioning

vi. Solid state dc & ac drives

vii. Microcontroller based system design

viii. Borrowed classes

The Course/Program shall be culminated in a project session where Trainees are expected to design and implement commercially viable projects by themselves by applying all the knowledge acquired during the training through the professional guide and grooming of the Instructors.

Your Instructor

Zitronix Certified R & D Engineers

Zitronix Certified R & D Engineers