Automation systems and Robotics




12 Weeks

About the Course

This course provides students with a general overview of automation systems and the role of automation in industry. It also covers the basic principles of flexible automation and flexible manufacturing systems. The advantages of automation are outlined, and the main components associated with automation systems are explored. An introduction to automation simulation is presented with practical applications explored.

In the present global scenario of manufacturing, industries are moving towards complete automation. Small and medium scale industries are in the phase of switching to PLC and SCADA technology for the data acquisition and control. Therefore, it is necessary for Electronics/lnstrumentation engineers to have knowledge of both PLC and SCAI)A technology. This course attempts to provide basic knowledge of these technologies to develop operational competency. Hence this course is foundation for the engineers who want to further specialize in the Industrial automation field

The Course/Program shall be culminated in a project session where Trainees are expected to design and implement commercially viable projects by themselves by applying all the knowledge acquired during the training through the professional guide and grooming of the Instructors.

Your Instructor

Zitronix Certified R & D Engineers.