Zitronix Engineering Limited

ZITRONIX Engineering is a cottage Power Electronics manufacturing and Renewable Energy Engineering Company incorporated under the Nigerian companies and allied matters act of 1990 in the year 2008. The company offers effective solutions to all major power and electronics problem. ZITRONIX brand has asserted itself strongly and credibly in the minds of its customers and clients.

Zitronix started with production of analogue DC-AC inverters and today Zitronix inverters are digital, microprocessor based with PWM technology and inbuilt intelligent battery charging unit and automatic change over and some other features that make Zitronix inverters outstanding amongst other popular foreign brands. It’s with utmost confidence that Zitronix products are warrantied as much as up to 18months and more depending on the features. 

Our Core Values

  Value 1

Creativity & Innovation

  Value 2


Value 3

Production Efficiency


Safety Consciousness

Our Quality Guarantee

Our Products and Services come with Long Term Warranties. Our After sales Services is Top Notch with Zero Tolerance to down time.