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Zitronix Inverters & Solar Sytems

ZITRONIX, before embarking on every installation project,
conducts careful analysis of the proposed project using the best practices within the solar industry. Through
our analysis, we select and size your solar electric system based on a number of factors that ensures long term
warranties on our solar stations or products.

Our Services

Power Electronics Manufacturing

 We are manufacturers of power electronics  gadgets/equipment such as Inverters, Automatic

Solar Electric Station Design and Installation

 We design and Install Various Capacities of Solar and Wind Turbine Electric stations. Our Standalone Stations

Industrial & Home Automation systems

 Our Industrial and Automation sytems are tailor fitted to suite our Clients/Customers' demands. They start from


 We conduct Various Trainings for Students and Proffessionals. Our Trainings cut across Electronics &

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